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Heat Transfer Screw Exchangers with one or two shafts

Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. delivers customized heat transfer screw exchangers. We develop screw heat transfer exchangers for heating, cooling and retention, owning a patent on the compact model.

Heat Transfer Screw Exchangers for Cooling, Heating, and Retention
Heat transfer screw exchangers are indirect heat exchangers. The product being processed is separated from the cooling or heating medium by a double-wall system. Depending on the desired temperature, the medium can be steam, oil, glycol, or chilled water. The temperature transfer occurs through the jacket, screw shaft, screw augers or any combination of these.

Since the fumes from heating industrial products can be released with toxic components, our heat transfer screw exchangers are closed systems. We supply heat transfer screw exchangers that heat (Magma), cool (Therm Frost) or maintain a particular temperature (Residence).

The systems are available with one or two shafts
Many customers experience problems in the installation of extensive heating and cooling equipment. Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. has the solution: our heat transfer screw exchangers are available in a compact version. The contact surface is adjustable, without compromising the compact size.

Tested Heat Transfer Screw Exchangers
The speed at which the temperature changes can be set based on the heating and cooling production processes. It is here that the specific heat of the product, thermal conductivity and heat transfer coëfficiënt play an important role. Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. offers a test chamber in which we examine how these components are related and affect the type of medium and contact surfaces. By doing so, we can develop the heat transfer screw exchanger that best suits your purposes.

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