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The design computer holds a prominent place at Klinkenberg. After all, a 3-dimensional CAD drawing of your product allows our draughtsmen and design engineers to bring the design ‘to life’ to the accuracy of a micrometre. Force calculations, ratios, measurements, weights and the effect of these on the choice of material: all absolute facts can be calculated using our advanced CAD techniques. Your order is dealt with carefully in line with the orders procedure. In the subsequent steps, our design engineers maintain close contact with your technical staff, and you regularly receive detailed CAD designs for approval.


3D Engineering

The advantages of 3D design:

  • Shorter design process through shorter search times
  • Automatic implementation of design adaptations
  • Reuse of existing components and designs
  • Extrapolation of the interplay of forces

In cooperation with Advise Mechanical Solutions, the most complex calculations are worked out using advance programs.

Klinkenberg’s ATEX screws are externally certified to ZONE 22 standard by Lloyds and internally (ZONE 20) by the TÜV. With wide experience in an ATEX environment, you will find Klinkenberg a reliable and proactive partner for all your transport problems.

Thanks to our years of experience in the transport of bulk goods, we are able to engineer and build the most complex constructions, from a simple screw conveyor to a screw combined with every possible kind of mixer, silo, sluice, filter etc.

The designers / draughtsmen
The engineering team consists of highly trained draughtsmen with wide experience of constructing conveyors, mixers, cooling and heating screws and every possible combination of these. We also have wide experience of designing for an ATEX environment and we are certified by TÜV and Lloyds for this!

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