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Lump Breakers, user-friendly and energy efficient

Klinkenberg lump breakers accelerate and improve the industrial treatment process. This saves you time and money. We feel that it is important to carefully guide you through your purchase. Our sales department can not only advise you as far as your purchase of lump breakers is concerned, but it is also involved with implementation and maintenance. We optimize your production by working together.

Lump Breaker Use

Treating powdery or granular substances is more efficient when no agglomeration takes place. Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. develops lump breakers that counteract this effect by pulverizing accrued lumps.

This is done using pins or blades attached to one or two shafts. These may be equipped with a second drive. In addition to the conventional models, we also have "quick-clean" lump breakers. Due to their compact size, the breakers can easily be integrated all throughout the machinery.

Our Lump Breakers’ Versatility

Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V.'s lump breakers also have the option of being equipped with a detachable sieve screen. We supply these screens in various mesh sizes, specifically tailored to your production needs. The breakers can be used in many industries, like plastic and cement production as well as in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We obviously not only focus on the technical details but also on user friendliness and durability. Our lump breakers are energy efficient, require little maintenance, make little noise and are supplied with a possible ATEX certificate.

We are bent on working for the customer and find company-specific solutions. Thanks to our extensive list of machinery, we offer many different possibilities for lump breakers. Please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling +31 (0) 75-62 87 855 to get more information on the added value our lump breakers can give your business.

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