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Klinkenberg: Geschiedenis


At the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth century, there was a migration from the old villages such as Westzaan and Oostzaan to the banks of the Zaan river.

Klinkenberg: Productie


After the design follows the production process .The comprehensive machinery of Klinkenberg BV is highly efficient , and takes action very precisely  . Thus Klinkenberg Guarantees short lead times , and high quality products .

Klinkenberg: Bedrijfsbureau

Business Bureau

You have placed your order and now the business bureau goes through your detailed instructions. The information from your finalised order is processed/amended in our ERP system.

Klinkenberg: Service


Three pillars of Klinkenberg that are worth noting in capital letters! After all, your business continuity can depend on these three elements of our business.

Klinkenberg: Engineering


The design computer holds a prominent place at Klinkenberg. After all, a 3-dimensional CAD drawing of your product allows our draughtsmen and design engineers to bring the design ‘to life’ to the accuracy of a micrometre.

Klinkenberg: Verkoop


With such a specialised package of products, you need a sales team that does more than just sell. Much more! The sales engineers who take your calls at Klinkenberg are professionals through and through.

Klinkenberg B.V.

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