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As a company with a history of over 140 years, Klinkenberg has an extensive amount of machinery at its disposal, equipped with every imaginable hi-tech facility. For example, a fully automated robotic welder guarantees the perfect production of your product. Accurate to the micrometre! We also have a laser cutting bench, a plasma bench and the necessary angle bending machines in our workshops. To ensure that the specific requirements of the different types of steel are completely safeguarded, we have separate production units for stainless and non-stainless steel. Our works house a number of immersion baths for pickling and passivating all stainless steel products.

The versatility of Klinkenberg’s total stock of plant offers every possibility for the manufacture of first-class products – products that you will come across all over the world!

Our plant: the means to top-class products

Klinkenberg B.V.

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