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Screw flights, shaftless spiral, screw ribbons

Screw Flights

With screw flights, there are many possibilities in terms of material, measurements and versions. A number of possibilities are shown below as a guide.

These are just some of the common screw flights. Let us know if the version you want is not among them; in many cases we can offer a suitable solution.

Steel and stainless steel screw flights in various sizes from Ø50mm to Ø2500mm.

Material types screw flights in stainless steel:

304/L, 316 L/TI, Duplex all heat resistant stainless types
Steel screw flights in various sizes from Ø50mm to Ø2500mm.
Material types screw flights in steel and abrasion-resistant:
St.37, St.52-1, St.52-3, Cor-ten and more, depending on your wishes.
Abrasion-resistant Hardox, Creusabro, Manganese 2%, Abracorr, Semimanax and others on request

Screw flights shaftlesss spiral:

Klinkenberg Zaanstad supplies spare spirals in various sizes and materials, steel or stainless steel, and constructed of abrasion-resistant materials such as Hardox and Creusabro.


Dimensions from Ø80 tot Ø600, with or without inner spiral
Constructed with multiple successive spirals to withstand high levels of torque. The spiral can also be coated with an abrasion-resistant layer. The spiral is made from three spirals and is also given a welded layer of 60HRC

Screw ribbon:

We hold a wide range of ribbons in stock, in both steel and stainless steel.


Steel version in dimensions from Ø50mm to Ø450mm can be delivered quickly on request.

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