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Klinkenberg Schroeflinten
Ruim een eeuw ervaring in de ontwikkeling van schroeftransportsystemen
Ons schroeflint, met geen andere maat te meten!
Hoge kwaliteit schroeflint met afmetingen van 50 tot 500 millimeter
Diverse materialen, perfecte kwaliteit
Niet alleen met veel precisie ontworpen, ook de materialen en afwerking laten geen wensen over

Rolled spiral

Rolled spiral is restricted in terms of material, dimensions and versions. The advantage of rolled spiral is that it saves time in constructing the screw auger because the ribbon can be drawn around the tube in one go and only a limited number of butts need to be welded. The disadvantage is that the ribbon deforms to take on a conical appearance whereby the thickness on the inside of the ribbon is two or three times thicker than the tip of the rolled spiral. This means that it is of limited use for the transport of abrasive products.

Dimensions 50 to 500 mm, thicknesses to 8-4mm, in lengths of 1 to 3 metres


Normal steel:
Carbon Steels According to EN 10027-2
1.0038 (40 B), 10045 (50 B), 1.0553 (50 C),
Stainless steel:
SS304, SS316L

Information required when requesting rolled spiral

Sample notation:
Diameter / Pitch R or L (Hand) / Bore / Thickness / Type of material
Length of the ribbon
Ø300/sp300R/Ø139.3/4~2mm/RVS304 in 3-metre lengths

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