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Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors can take the form of tubular or trough conveyors. Depending on the product, you can choose between steel and stainless steel. The screw augers can be produced in many forms and versions! The properties of the bulk goods that are to be conveyed determine the type of screw conveyor that is required.

The screw conveyors supplied by Klinkenberg Zaanstad are designed to transport bulk goods in a production process. This includes bulk materials used in the foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and many other industries.

With the aid of screw conveyors, products can be transported with a high degree of hygiene. Our screw conveyors comply with the latest European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC standards.

Advantages of a trough conveyor in comparison with a tube conveyor

  • Screw conveyors are quick and easy to clean;
  • The covers can be attached in a variety of ways;
  • The locking system used can be adapted to the end user’s requirements;
  • Covers can be produced in a variety of forms, combining the characteristics of a trough conveyor and tube conveyor;

The advantages of the tube conveyor in comparison with the trough conveyor

  • Simple and effective in use;
  • Can be set up to include a 90 degree angle;
  • Space-saving;
  • Good compression-resistant properties;
  • Easy to seal against escape of dust or odour;

All machinery is engineered using a 3D design package.

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