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Producten koelen met het gepatenteerde Thermfrost van Klinkenberg
Verantwoord verwarmen met de Klinkenberg Magma lijn
Altijd stabiele temperaturen met de Klinkenberg Residence lijn

Klinkenberg (Heat Exchangers) Thermo Line

The screw heat exchangers from Klinkenberg Zaanstad are a very energy-efficient solution in comparison with the usual cooling and heating methods. The screw heat exchangers are excellent pieces of equipment for use in thermal processes where continuous processing is desirable.

If toxic vapours are given off during the process, the screw heat exchangers form a closed system. At the testing facility at Klinkenberg Zaanstad, your process can be fully evaluated for heat transfer and product changes during the heating or cooling of the material.

The Klinkenberg KTL gamma consists of six products for the cooling, heating or retention of a product. The Thermfrost is a screw heat exchanger with one or two shafts. Depending on the parameters and the available space, you can opt for cooling by the jacket, the shaft and/or the screw flights.

The Magma is similar to the Thermfrost and also consists of a single or double shaft heat exchanger. Again, depending on the parameters and the available space, you can opt for jacket, shaft or screw flight heating.

The Residence version is designed to keep a product at a certain temperature for a certain time. While retained in this manner, there may be process reactions or the generation of pathogenic bacteria spores, which may make further processing necessary.

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