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Effectief hoogtes overbruggen met bandelevatoren van Klinkenberg
Opvoerhoogtes van 70 meter zijn voor onze kettingelevatoren geen uitdaging

Elevators in general

Elevators have long been used to vertically transport bulk goods. The difference lies in the design. Designers at Klinkenberg Zaanstad base their designs on wide experience in combination with our customers' wishes and requirements. The numerous uses of our elevators in this field mean that there are numerous solutions to your problem. The elevators are available in many types and sizes, from stainless steel to abrasion-resistant materials. Klinkenberg can supply them with ATEX certification.

Elevators can be used in the following industries:

Foodstuffs, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biomass, Plastics, Paper, Pet food, Cement, Sugar and many others

Advantages of Klinkenberg Zaanstad elevators:

  • Big height differences can be overcome relatively cheaply
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact dimensions
  • Tried and tested concept


Centrifugal or gravitational unloading, chain or belt versions, hinging hatches. Square or round legs etc.

Elevator options:

Wear-resistant buckets, electronic protection against sideways displacement, inspection hatches, food version etc.

Powdered substances:

Activated charcoal powder, nylon powder, PVC powder, polyamide powder, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, polymer powder, lime powder, artificial fertilizer, sodium sulphate, polyacetal powder, alum earth, borax, buthylphenol, chalk powder, fly ash, toner powder, filtering material, pigment powder, isophthalic acid, irganox powder, cinnamic acid, chalk powder, sodium sulphate, polyformaldehyde powder, pentaerythrite, urea, washing additives, Zeneb powder, aspirin powder, cheese powder, coffee powder, granulated sugar, tobacco powder, vanilla powder, starch, salt, sweetener etc.

Granulate products:

Anthracite, caustic soda, chemical granules, Delrin granulate, DMT flakes, resin flakes, HPN chips, artificial resin granulate, plastic granulate (milled), sodium sulphate, nylon granulate, octylphenol, PA granulate, PE granulate, PET granulate, penicillin salt, polyaramide granulate, PVC granulate, sawdust, caramelised sugar, granulated sugar, spice mixture, rice, wheat/barley, tea, vitamin C granulate etc.

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