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Bucket Elevators, tailored company-specific solutions

The principle of vertical displacement using a lift system has been around for centuries and is widely used in the production processes of various industries. Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. has developed the lift system used in its bucket elevators and adapted it to meet the demands of today’s industrial world. We can also deliver high quality bucket elevators to match the needs of your business.

Bucket Elevators Expectations

As an entrepreneur or process engineer, you certainly have expectations for your machinery. We understand this better than anyone. With our high-tech machinery, we have equipment for working on bucket elevators production that can be accurate to the micrometer. Our brilliant engineers have devised compact bucket elevators. Moving your bulk is not only cost-effective, but also space-economizing.

We shall determine the material of your bucket elevators based on your needs, providing you with a wide range of choices from abrasion-resistant materials to stainless steel. Systems are closed and dustproof to ensure safety and sanitation. If desired, we can supply our bucket elevators with ATEX certification.

Bucket Elevators for Heavy Materials

We also develop cup, chain and belt elevators. Chain elevators are particularly suitable for transporting heavy bulk goods such as coal, ore, cement and limestone, generally causing rapid damage and wear to the bucket elevators. To provide these bucket elevators with long service life, we strive to find the right mix, configuration, operating speed and materials.

When developing our bucket elevators, we take durability into consideration. We not only work towards ensuring a long service life, but also towards beneficial energy consumption. This helps you save money on so many levels.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our bucket elevators. We are very customer-oriented and work hard to find company-specific solutions.


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