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Klinkenberg Bag emptying station
Effectief hoogtes overbruggen met bandelevatoren van Klinkenberg
Klinkenberg Bag emptying station
Klinkenberg Bag emptying station

A bag emptying station that can handle bulk with poor flow

Users of a bag emptying station will recognise it immediately: loads of product on the big grid, but it won’t flow to the hopper. In that case forcing the product through the big grid of the bag emptying station needs to be done manually. Thankfully bulk that has poor flow can now be processed easily and efficiently with a bag emptying station by Klinkenberg.

The current version of the bag emptying station has a spacious cutting table with an attachment and a hinged lid. The big grid can also be used directly as a sieve deck. By applying the extra sieve capability of the bag emptying station big agglomerates can be separated directly from the original product, and can then be fed to the lump breakers, making the process very efficient. Optionally the extension of the bag emptying station can be supplied with any kind of dust collector. Both a central and a decentralised dust collector are possible.

Through close collaboration with end users Klinkenberg has developed and put to market a bag emptying station with an added option which can enable product with very bad or low flow properties to flow through the big grid easily. By combining different functions and capabilities in bag emptying station 2.0 we have managed to eliminate one part of the production process. This creates a highly efficient system. The grid/sieve deck can be produced in different mesh sizes.

Bag emptying station 2.0 by Klinkenberg has been implemented with great success in a wide variety of bulk processing companies and has proven itself as very efficient, with a big added value in the production chain of all our customers.

Bag emptying station 2.0 is modular. A simple version of the bag emptying station can easily be extended with functional options like:

  • Integrated filter system
  • Activated big grid
  • Lump breaker (clod fragmentor)
  • Empty sack compactor
  • Vibrator
  • Rotating agitator
  • Steel, SS304 of SS316
  • ATEX zone 21/22

This way we can produce tailor-made cost-effective solutions for every industry, so you can be assured of an accurate and efficient process which operates smoothly.

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