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Dewatering / Compressing

Over the years, Klinkenberg has amassed considerable experience of dewatering a variety of products. The result is evident in the design of our highly robust screw presses. One design is conventional, the other is a shaftless pressing screw. The capacities depend greatly on the product that is to be dewatered. We will be happy to speak with you.

Klinkenberg screw presses are used to remove the water from mixtures of solids and water. The product is fed to the press via a funnel. A dewatering section is placed under the funnel so that most of the water is eparated before the pressing starts. In the press section, pressure is built up so that the remaining water is separated from the solids by the screw presses.

Screw presses for industry:

Foodstuffs, biomass, plastic, paper, pet food, hen slaughterhouses and many more.

The advantages of Klinkenberg Zaanstad screw presses:

Compact; accurate; versatile; low maintenance; robust design; continual process; little fouling on the press basket due to conical perforation; long service life.


Conventional screw presses or a version with a shaftless ribbon. Basket can be cleaned quickly via access hatches. Our experts are always ready to answer your questions.

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