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Paddle Mixers, with solid materials

Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. has over 130 years of experience in the development, repair and production of mixing shafts and paddle mixers that can be used in mixing systems. We design and manufacture several types of mixers are of the highest quality.

Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. Paddle Mixers

Mixing is an important process in many industrial sectors such as the food industry, pharmaceutical production, the recycling industry and the production of plastics in various forms. Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. designs paddle mixers to specifically meet your production needs.

We develop paddle mixers for mixing solids, granules, pallets and sticky substances quickly and efficiently. Ribbon mixers are suitable for mixing processes where very small amounts of additives need to be measured into the batch to be mixed. Our conical mixers, cone-shaped mixing containers with a vertically positioned mixing tube, are suitable for mixing powders. The screw pulls the granules upward into the container for the lower and upper substance to mix well.

Information and Advice on Paddle Mixers

There are many options in terms of screwing systems and paddle mixers. That is why it is good to inform yourself on how we can optimize your production. In order to cater our services to meet your needs, our sales engineers visit you on site. Our professionals are well trained, have extensive knowledge of products and are aware of the latest developments in the various industries.

They also have constant contact with our other departments, including our designers and technicians. Through these direct lines within the organization, we are able to work with short delivery times and get quick answers to all your mixer-related questions especialy paddle mixers.

If you have any questions about our screw feeder systems, mixing systems, screw flights or paddle mixers, please contact us at +31 (0) 75-62 87 855 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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