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Screw Presses, high-quality design

Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. has extensive expertise in dewatering products with screw presses. Our engineers have developed a robust design that sets Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. screw presses apart, with much of our focus being on the quality of our presses in order to provide you with only the best machinery.

Screw Presses for Waste Disposal and Drainage

Waste products are an inevitable part of production. Of course you want this to be taken care of not only in a decent way, but it is also expected that you do so in a sustainable way. The compression of waste products using screw presses allows for reduced volume and separates liquids from solids, making the treatment process beneficial.

Klinkenberg Zaanstad designs conventional screw presses and shaftless models. The product to be separated is fed to the press via a hopper. Below the hopper, there is a drainage system where most of the liquid separates from the solid material. The screw press continues to add pressure and squeezes out any remaining moisture.

The Added Value of Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. Screw Presses

Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V.’s more than 130 years of experience in the development of propeller systems is reflected in the quality of our screw presses. The designers have taken the user's needs into consideration. That is why Klinkenberg Zaanstad screw presses are compact and easy to install in your production landscape.

What makes the design of the press basket so clever is that it is low maintenance. The screw presses are accessible via hatches, making cleaning simple.

Are you looking for screw presses for waste disposal or dewatering of substances? Our consultants provide comprehensive advice on the possibilities that Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. offers.

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