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With such a specialised package of products, you need a sales team that does more than just sell. Much more! The sales engineers who take your calls at Klinkenberg are professionals through and through. Not only can they tell you about the entire product package, they are happy to help you proactively to find the right, innovative solution for your case. Naturally, the sales team continuously consult with the design engineers/draughtsmen and the experts in the factory. This means you can be sure that the end product meets the stated requirements in every respect and will be the very best of its kind! Of course, our sales engineers are happy and willing to take a look around your workplace make sure their advice matches your specific circumstances. The strength of Klinkenberg Zaanstad lies in its compact organisation, which enables us to supply you with unique, bespoke work. Thanks to the short lines of communication, Klinkenberg Zaanstad can ensure that the production process is fast. This in turn means that very short delivery times can be guaranteed, with high quality. Klinkenberg Zaanstad has an extensive client portfolio consisting of end users, machinery factories, engineering consultancies and other resellers.

The sales team

The sales team consists of highly experienced and keenly motivated sales engineers who have completed a sound product training at Klinkenberg. Thanks to internal training sessions and courses, our sales engineers always keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the bulk cargo sector. The customer can always count on good advice and the best solution for what he has in mind. With our wide experience of bulk goods in a variety of sectors, we know that we are the right partner to help you solve your bulk cargo problem.

Screw Augers / Screws

Klinkenberg supplies spare (screw augers) to your specification or drawing. We also produce earth drills in many sizes and with a variety of connections.
Screw Flights
Klinkenberg produces a very broad range of screw flights in its own works, made in a variety of materials. Dimensions from 50 to 2500 mm, thicknesses up to 30 mm.


All normal types of steel
All stainless steels, Duplex
Wear-resistant: Mn2%, Hardox 400-500, Creusabro 4800/8000, Abracorr
Need advice? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales engineers.

Sound advice

We can advise you on many aspects, including

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